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Model: RB0063
Budget Castanets with strong plastic handle...
0.990 KWD
Learning Drums Learning Drums
Out of Stock
Model: 7728
Drum up learning fun! Vibrant, interactive drum set teaches color, number, and shape recognition while building gross motor skills. Each of the 5 drums features its own color, shape, and number (1-5) for engaging and entertaining learning play. Start learning essential early skills at your o..
11.950 KWD
Octoblock Drum
Out of Stock
Model: RB007
Wood drum with beater. This unique drum produces unusual sounds and is played by rotating the beater against the side walls of the 8 wooden chimes...
5.650 KWD
Model: RB0273
A pair of plastic cymbals ideal for early music learning...
0.900 KWD
Model: P001K
These colorful plastic shakers create crisp sounds, perfect for playing in groups or on stage. Made from high-strength child-safe plastic...
7.650 KWD
Model: 7738
Build early skills the musical way with this colorful learning Xylophone! Each connectable piece features two numbers & a different color to help build early numeracy skills through hands on play...
11.450 KWD
Model: RB0066
A small tambourine in the shape of a ring with 3 double jingles..
1.750 KWD
Model: RB004C
Wooden shell with natural skin and 12 pairs of jingles.D: 20 cm..
5.450 KWD
Triangle 25
Out of Stock
Model: RB025
High quality steel triangle providing maximum sound penetration for kids to learn music...
4.400 KWD
Wooden Jingle Stick
Out of Stock
Model: RB0171
4 pairs of jingles on a strong wooden handle..
2.500 KWD
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